New to PrPro with specific workflow questions

Hi, All!


I’m a 20+ year video veteran wading into the Premiere Pro pool this year. I have an extensive Avid and FCP background. Please don’t hold that against me! I also realize this is long, but I’m trying to cram everything in so you can see where I’ve been to possibly re-route me, make it understandable, and at least a wee bit interesting.


I’m currently running PrPro 5.5.2 on a MBP 2.8 GHz Intrel Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM. My media storage is a 2TB Sonnet Tempo RAID partition over eSATA to an Express34 card on the MBP.


I’ve sucessfully been doing AVC-Intra projects in PrPro for the last few months. This new project is different, and I want to see if there is any way to make my process more efficient. It’s a very simple project, but it’s very long. I’m finding as I do my workflow tests that the render, export and conversion process I had been doing for the short AVC-Intra projects (which were in the 5-7 minute range) are going to be very time consuming on this project, which has a hefty 2 1/2 hour run time over 14 modules. The editing is simple, if not cookie-cutter. It’s creating the deliverables that’s going to be the real bear here. I’m hoping your collective experience can offer me a better workflow that what I’ve cobbled together from my other knowledge and previous forum searches.


The nitty gritty:


These videos  are basically putting a narrator to PowerPoint presentation and prettying it up with a music stinger at the open and close and adding a nicer-than-PPT transition betweeen the slides. I have an AIFF audio track for narration, AIFF music file from SmartSound, PNG graphic files (converted PowerPoint deck), & an animated Apple PNG transition. (from the Digital Juice people. It’s one of their “Swipes”.)


I started with a AVC-Intra timeline because that seemed to me to be the highest quality. I understand this was probably my first error. The renders are taking about run time for the module. With these elements and the following deliverables, what Sequence Settings do you recommend I should be using?


My deliverables will be myriad, which is why I want to export out a high-quality master file out of PrPro and then do the mulitple conversions to other sizes & codecs in a compression app. I have Encore, Sorenson Squeeze, and Compressor at my disposal. I’m guessing Encore will be my friend here, but it’s also the one I know the least.


I tried exporting out a ProRes file. That took over 40 minutes on a 14 minute module. Then I converted that to a 640 x 360 H.264 to upload as an approval file. That took about 35 minutes. (I used Compressor becasue I have a droplet craeated for that and it’s what I have been sucessfully been using to make small, good-looking files that my clients can reasonably download or stream).


Next I tried exporting out the highest quality H.264 at 1920×1080 and tried converting that using my Compressor droplet. That took 50 minutes to export out of PrPro, but it saves me one step of converting to a full size H.264. What I’m not sold on is whether or not that file is the best file I should be using to make the other deliverables.


What I will eventually need to deliver is a family of H.264 in various sizes from 1920×1080 to 320×180 & an authored DVD. So we’re talking hours of processing for each one if I go with what I know.


Since the only thing that moves in these videos are a handful of animated transitions (10-15 per module) and a fade in & fade out, my gut tells me I could make this happen faster if I only changed a few things in my workflow. I’m just at a loss as to what those things might be.


Another little note. The client will wnat to  custominze these with different logos, so I will have to be able to get in, add or change a logo super, and re-export and re-convert all 2 1/2 hours multiple times. A more efficeint way to do that would be very helpful. Both for my sanity and my clients’ budget.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!



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