New to Premiere Pro- Errors rendering, exporting, viewing video

I’m very new to Premiere Pro (and my macbook) but have recently got into video editing for my work and am having some issues on my second project. The first project (just a 1 minute video for YouTube) worked fine with no issues. After searching the forumns I have not seen anyone with the same set of issues I am having and I’m hoping someone can point me to what the issue is. I will start with the basic information.


  • Premiere Pro CS6.0.2
  • OS X 10.7.4
  • 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB
  • Video taken from GoPro- MPEG-4 movie H.264, AAC
  • Photos taken from Canon Rebel XSI- JPEG
  • Audio taken from Zoom H1- MP3
  • No 3rd party effects or programs in use
  • Sequence “created from clip”
  • Files stored locally on machine
  • Tried exporting using many different codecs including, H.264 HD 1080p 29.97 fps, Quicktime, etc


The issues I am having:


  • PP will not “render entire work area” for projects. It has worked occasionally if I start a brand new project, but never for projects I have been working on. Error shown below.


Video Preview Error

Error compiling movie.

Unknown error.


  • Program monitor will not show video. Upon first opening the project, the preview video will play. If I make any edits, try to render, add/delete clips, the preview just shows black- audio still plays.



  • Will not export any project consistently
    1. Have only been able to get a project to export when first starting up the computer (not recently though)
    2. Even new projects with only one video file have not been able to export (error below)
    3. Encoding a sequence in media encoder also times out and stops half way through encoding.
    4. When encoding I get this error message sometimes right away and sometimes after encoding for a few minutes.


Adobe Media Encoder

Error compiling movie.

Unknown error.


  • “Adobe has encountered an error and needs to close.” This happens sometimes when first opening a project, and sometimes after a project has been worked on for awhile, and sometimes after a failed export.


I’ve got to assume this is some user issue I am having from being new to the software and trying to learn by doing. That being said, I appreciate any advice or solutions. I have tried to delete render files. I have tried to eliminate all of the photos, all of the video, and all of the audio files (thinking perhaps one of them was corrupt or were not compatible with the sequence settings I have). This is just a simple 1 minute video, and I have spent far to long on it trying to find a solution on my own- THANK YOU for helping me find a solution!



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