My workflow–and what format I should export to…

Okay, I know this is like asking “is there a god?”, but I need some help.

Premiere is just not able to run the video clips I need to work with–and I built a $2500 + computer just a couple of years ago SPECIFICALLY to work with Premiere.


i7 940, GTX480, 12Gig RAM, 9 hard drives–3 RAIDs, etc..


Here’s how I work:

I bring in  Canon DSLR (T2i, 60D) files into After Effects CS6, and edit them heavily–noise reduction, color correction, image stabilization, etc.

I render out of AE a large, uncompressed AVI.

My question is, what would Premiere prefer–as it doesn’t seem to be able to handle this large, uncompressed file.

I was thinking about quality, but obviously its too much for Premiere to handle…even thought the yellow line is present over the timeline…

P.S.–Sometimes I bring the file into Photoshop CS6, so I can use Topaz effects….the render out of Photoshop doesn’t seem to be something Premiere likes either…

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