My computer is a beast and my encoding is crappy slow



yes i know that is question has been asked many times but didn’t find any clear answer yet :

So here’s my configuration :


Computer :

– Dell Alienware Aurora R4 @4Ghz 6cores

– 32GB of RAM

– 256GB of SSD + 1To of RAID0 both working at 200MB/sec read and write

– Nvidia GTX690 (yes i know it’s not officialy supported so i added it in the supported_gpu_cards.txt file, but my previous GTX470 & 680 gave the same results but they are fully supported)


Software :

– Windows Seven 64

– Premiere Pro CS6 with last updates from Creative Cloud.


So here it is :

– All my materials are 5D Mark II H264 files on a

– Effects applied are : RGB Curve and Quick color corrector (cuda accelerated) on each clip to correct color balance

– on the final sequence which is 1h30 long, a Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks is applied


Export using preset in AME : h264 AppleTV/Ipad/iPhone4 720p25

Total time rendering : 32hours !!!


That wouldn’t shock me if the Task Manager was showing 100% of cpu usage… I will guess it’s a hard work.

But during 35hours of rendering, not once the CPU won’t show more than 25% usage… Why on earth is the AME sleeping with the other 75% CPU headroom ?!

I don’t think there’s any CUDA acceleration as it’s just for smooth editing, not rendering, but i may be wrong…


It has always been like that, even with my previous computer (HP Workstation Quad Core @2.3Ghz with 16GB of RAM + GTX470)

AME please, you know you have 6 cores and using just 1/4 of the power horses so please go on ! let’s work !


When i use some “stressing programs”, all the fans are raising up and the computer’s like a copter ! Task Manager shows 100% on all 6 cores…


I have downloaded the demo of Rovi/Mainconcept TotalCode which use CUDA h264 encoding to see if it’s better but i don’t see any readon why AME won’t do it out of the box.


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