Multi-Camera Video Timing Issue

Hi all,

I am fairly certain that this question has been answered somewhere on the Web, but I’m having the darnedest time finding it.

I am in the process of editing a video for a wedding reception using Premiere Pro CS5.5.2. Because we had a VERY limited budget, we shot with three different less-than-ideal cameras: a Panasonic HDC-SD90, a Sony HDR-XR260V, and the venue’s own balcony-mounted camera feeding to a Toshiba DR430KU DVD Video Recorder, which all dump roughly 4½ hours onto the timeline.

While the two camcorders have no issues with each other (as their footage rarely overlaps), there is an apparent "frame drift" between footage from the Sony camera and the Toshiba DVD recorder: after about 1.5 hours, both the audio and video from each source is very noticeably out of sync with the other by about 26 frames. (Both of the sources are supposedly timed at 29.97 FPS—my hunch is that the much older DVD recorder uses a lower-quality timing mechanism, since it was never intended to record video to be edited later.)

At any rate, is there a good way to fix this video timing issue in Premiere itself? I know there is a "Time Remapping" option under ‘Video Effects’ in the ‘Effect Controls’ panel, but it uses a percentage slider which is difficult to get right for such a slow sync drift. Thanks for any help!


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