`~`* Multi-Cam = DSLR sending me to LOONEY BIN!!

First off, my system properties…

quad core, 16GB RAM, GTX550Ti graphics card

Premiere CS5.5


I’m editing multi-cam….

Two camera’s with diff properties –

Cam #1) 29.97fps + 1.33 PAR + 1440X1080

Cam #2) 23.97 fps + 1.0 PAR + 1920X1080 = (DSLR)

The main problem I’m having has to do with the DSLR – cam #2…seems to be making premiere go a little haywire.

The two big issues =

A) When opening project, sometimes DSLR footage shows up in the project panel….sometimes it doesn’t. It just says media pending. A couple times it’s said “media offline”.

I have to quit premiere and start it back up and usually it pops back up…sometimes further opening/closing is required.

Initially when I imported the files into the various projects (about 13 total proj’s for the series I’m producing)….the DSLR footage did not import. It just froze premiere and had to open/close…try until it worked. Some proj’s the footage imported right away. Same project settings.

B) Currently, I’m rendering the video’s and about 12 diff times so far, the exports either don’t start when I start queue….or they do start but freeze at a given point (5%, 15%, 40% complete).

I would think this has to do with the DSLR #2 cam but that’s what I want your insight on. I then close the proj out + encoder, and reopen and repeat until it works. It’s worked for all with exception of one video.

Why is the DSLR giving such trouble – as listed above?

Any solutions for this?

The DSLR plays choppy as well, even when I match sequence exactly to video. But, my computer isn’t taxed at all = low CPU/RAM.

Don’t understand it…

All I know is it’s a massive pain in the tush!

Other details…

I tried editing via the multicam monitor but the playback was so choppy I decided to just created a nested sequence and edit via timeline.

The sequence that worked best = specs matching Cam #1 (listed above)…so I went with that.

Is there a better way to setup the sequence for two diff camera’s with diff properties?

Maybe…right clicking the DSLR footage – interpreting footage – assume frame rate…and maybe other settings?

Other issues that you may be able to help out with…

When you create a nested sequence and enable multi-cam – the audio waveform disappears. I tried a few things and searched around for a way to get audio waveform to reappear. Ultimately, I rendered the audio and audio wave pops back up.


If I have to close project, switch to another project or the proj crashes, etc…..the rendered audio waveform disappears and I need to re-render again. Is there a way to remedy this? I just need to see the waveform without having to re-render or render at all. I only need one audio track for the two camera’s.

Thanks for your help – really appreciate it.

P.S. – don’t know why it’s highlighting my text w/white box…tried fixing but no dice.

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