.MTS files from Panasonic GH2 camera show noise artifacts

If I load .MTS media files from my Panasonic GH2 camera onto the timeline of Premiere Pro CS6 (Win7 on PC) on some footage I get a wierd noise/artifact appearing in the footage on playback and also if i render the timeline out.


The artifacts look like a ‘rain’ of digital noise appearing in certain dark areas of the footage (issue doesn’t happen on well lit scenes)


If I use Media Player Classic to play back the .MTS footage outside of PP CS6 the footage plays back 100% ok.


If I transcode the .MTS files into DNxHD format using Adobe Media Encoder the problem persists.


However ….if I transcode the .MTS files into DNxHD format using a 3rd party transcoder (5DtoRGB) the problem is resolved and the DNxHD files work 100% ok in PP CS6


It is as though both PP CS6 and also Adobe Encoder are not interpretting the .MTS file structure ok (?) and introducing artifacts.


It seems that some dev work is needed to resolve the handling of .MTS files by Adobe (?)


Can anyone please assist?



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