MTS Files Drop Frames Between Each Video

I have a Caono XA10 which produces MTS files which CS6 can handle, however if I record a long event I get a series of 2gig files and I have no way to combine them.


If I way the whole video on the timeline Premiere drops a frame as it passes from one video to the next. (This isn’t a preview issue since it also renders the video that way as well.)


Now I had a similar issue with my Datavideo HDR40 Digital Recorder which also splits video into 2gig pieces but the fix was Datavideo has a Combiner utility.


However, Canon doesn’t have such a thing and it would be useful if perfaps Adobe could find a cure for this problem.


Does anyone know how to work around this????


In the meantime I guess my student will just have to look like idiots with video that skip every 8 minutes which is not acceptable.

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