Moving footage notes/descriptions between projects

Is it possible to get the footage/log notes (i.e. the descriptions and color coding columns in the project panel) from one project into another?


A producer left a lot of good info, however they imported all the extraneous MXF and BMP files for all of the P2 footage into the project. I would just go through and delete all of these (or move them to a ‘garbage’ folder) within the project but there are multiple copies of many of the MXfs and there is a lot of footage to go through and pick all of this stuff out. (2 sometimes 3 cameras from 3 full days of shooting :: about 1Tb).


I also don’t want to have to go through and re-link all that media because it goes through one at a time due to the nature of how P2 footage stores itself so I can’t just link the top file and let Premiere find the rest; plus that would be a lot of extra wasted disk space in the form of unnecessary Media Cache files.


Maybe a workaround using Prelude or Media Encoder? I just want to be able to make my own PPprj with a cleaner import (which I’ve done) but also bring over all the comments/color coding, which is maybe in the metadata?? If this is not possible, no biggie, it would just make my life easier and remove one giant hassle. If it is possible please advise.



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