Matrox MXO2 Mini and CS6 Windows?

I got a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card to monitor the Premiere CS6 timeline, which turned out to have very mediocre performance since half the times I press play the audio lags one second behind the video. So I’m going to return it and get something else, and the next logical choice by price would be the Matrox MXO2 Mini, and there’s a promotion running until the end of July to get the Max model $200 off, so I have two questions for those of you who have this kit.


Does it perform as it should with CS6.0.1? Meaning, no A/V sync issues, no lockups, proper video timings sent to the TV set or broadcast monitor, etc.


And, what about the h.264 encoding quality? I keep trying to find anything on it but all I get are results that talk about its features, like it has super fast encoding, but I can’t find any reviews on the actual quality of the encoding, and speed means nothing to me if quality can’t be as good as encoding with x264 in at least the normal setting.





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