marking audio beat ?

I would like to place a LOT of markers in a project so I can add video & still photos to the beat of a song.

I tried doing this by placing markers while viewing the waveform in the Source Monitor. And that stops the playback every time. Pretty much useless. That should at least be a setting we can choose.


I also placed a LOT of markers with comments in the timeline itself. But first I slowed down the playback to about 65% so I could put the markers where I wanted without a lot of scrubbing back and forth. But when I restored the speed back to 100% the markers were very skewed and way out of position. Thus rendering the entire effort almost totally useless.


Comeon Adobe – you GOT to be able to make these sort of things work or customers will have no need to purchase your expensive software. I thought CS6 was supposed to be the creme de le creme, but honestly if I had purchased the $49/month Cloud subscription I would have by now switched to one of the newer Sony Vegas + Hitfilm packages. And to be honest, I am now seriously considering selling this CS6 Production Premium at a loss so I can use the money to switch to the Vegas Pro 12/Hitfilm Suite. I bought CS6 because of the wealth of tools we get – primarily Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Prelude and Audition. Prelude is laughably limited in scope & user friendliness. And Premiere Pro is beginning to look that way too. If you can provide some workable solutions to this and similar problems then it might be worth keeping.

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