Maintaining Maximum Resolution – Conversion to Blu Ray

I shoot video with a Canon XF100 camcorder, MPEG2 1080 30p.


When I go to import it into Premiere Pro CS6 I choose the appropriate codec, “Canon XF MPEG@ 1080 30p”.  The original file I shoot, off the CF card, will often be 20 GB+ in size (and looks great on my PC), but, when I use Adobe Encoder to burn it to a Blu Ray disk (that’s what my clients want) it compresesses it basically in half, no matter what I do with the settings in Adobe Encoder. I’ve mucked around all over the place with no success, I’m really frustrated, I need help.


The blu ray disc stores 25 GB of data, I want to burn my original files ‘uncompressed’ (or at least minimally compressed), is there any way to do that? Basically, I want to retain the full 20GB off the original files as is, to get the best picture.


Is this possible or do I just have to accept the fact that PP CS6 will throw out half my data in the name of compression? The blu ray DVD has the storage capacity, I have the time to encode in the name of quality, any thoughts on how to maximize it?




Thanks in advance.


Note: I have the most up to date installs for all the CS6 Suites…

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