“Low Memory Warning” with 32 GB RAM???

I got a “low on system memory – save and proceed with caution” warning. Working on a 1-layer sequence 3 minutes long with a “fast color corrector” applied. I was creating a title when it occurred.


My memory prefs were set to ‘performance’ with 6 of the 32 GB RAM reserved for other apps


Original footage was HDV, but I converted it to the Avid Quicktime DNxHD codec that I recently downloaded, which made the 3 minute clip 6 GB – ten times the original size. This is the first time I have converted footage to the Avid codec. I normally work with the HDV footage, but I read in several places that the new codec is beneficial somehow. As part of this discussion, will someone tell me why (or why not) I should make it part of my workflow?


System is optimaized to the extent that I have followed advice on these forums.


Windows 7, 64-bit

i7 3.4 GHz processor


Adobe CS6

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