Losing Too Much Quality Exportin Still Image Background?

Hi guys, I’ve been using Photoshop for quite some time and figured I would delve into the world of Video Editing to further a project I have been doing.

The Project I have tasked myself with is creating a customized Desktop that I hope I will be able to do for other people in the future (different themes, of course).

I am just about complete with my project, but have run into a situation that could spoil the whole thing. You see, I created a 2048×1152 pixel image to be used in conjunction with four different videos overlayed on top of that image as the background.



This is the image I am using as the Background for the video, the four red boxes in the center are where four different videos will be going. Now, that is not the problem, I figured out how to do all of that. My problem is making sure the IMAGE comes out just as clean as it went in. The quality of the 4 videos does not have to be fantastic, but the IMAGE, shown above, does. I’ve tried a lot of guesstimating to see if I could randomly get the right outcome, but it’s proving rather futile .


After I solve this, I’ll have to convert to Mpeg or WMV to use for Dreamscene, as those are the only formats Dreamscene will allow me to use as a Desktop. But, the image quality loss comes from exporting out from Adobe Premiere.


Is there a certain Sequence Preset I should use to help me with this? Does that even matter?

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