Linear Wipe Trouble (AE)

I can’t seem to get my Linear Wipes looking like this promo graphic shown in the video below. When I produce my rectangle and add a linear wipe animation, its seems jerky and also renders out choppy. I have been messing around with Easy Ease along with the graph editor to try and get this same smooth look shown below. Either mine is too soft or comes in to hard. It seems like I have tried everything yet no outcome the way I want it to be. Can anyone help me accomplish this exact motion shown below?

Watch from 6-7 seconds (saying Liar, Liar Tonight 8.30 on)

Additional information

Macbook Pro.
After Effects CS6.
Composition set as: 1050 by 756 25fps.
Render out Apple Pro Ress (LT)

Thank you.

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