Laptop cant handle CS6

I have recently started video editing and have gotten a placement at an Internship. Unfortunately my 5 year old Dell isn’t up to scratch. Sadly its time to let it go. It keeps crashing, it wont start up more often than not, the battery is dead and its just falling apart. The most annoying part is my Premier Pro keeps crashing without warning and cant perform complicated tasks. It took me 30 minutes to render 60 seconds of footage the other day. Its time for me to buy a new laptop however im not sure what laptop to get. I have a budget of £1000. Many of the other people in my Internship are using Macs and i have to admit i prefer final cut pro to CS6 although premier is slowly winning me over. I dont want to waste my money on a mac book pro if there is a better cheaper alternative.

My current laptop specs are
4GB Ram
Celeron (R) Dual-Core CPU
64 Bit

If anyone has any suggestion or advice as to what laptop I should get it would be most helpfull.

Also if i do go down the mac route is the Retina display model worth the extra £500?

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