iPhone 4s Video – Serious Sync Issues Eliminate Premiere as a tool

I was excited to see how great the video is from the iPhone 4s.  I have taken one hour 1080P videos of lectures that look great.  However, when pulled into Premiere (CS5), the sound goes out of sync to the point that it is unusable after about seven minutes.  I have checked the original file (.MOV) using QT – it plays perfectly.  Indeed, I can trim and split the file using QT and I know that creating a bunch of small videos to link in Premiere would be a solution of sorts. 


What is the deal?  No ability by Adobe to handle MOV files and the screwy indexing they use?  Disappointing. 


Or have I missed something?  The sync problem is apparent in the source window – before I add to sequence. Any ideas?  Has anyone tried this with an iPhone 4S video beyond 10 minutes?



via Adobe Community : Popular Discussions – Adobe Premiere Forums http://forums.adobe.com/thread/934466