Improvement Suggestion: Add Animation to Movie Clips in Repositories

Hi there,


I have been trying to post this improvement suggestion by filling-in the corresponding form but it didn’t allow me enough characters to describe it correctly. So I am posting it here now and going to reference it in the Improvement Suggestion form…


Currently it’s hard to perform a good edit because Adobe Premiere Pro doesn’t provide a clip basket showing all available clips running, alloing the user to preview and choose from different takes of the same scene.


I’d like to suggest to animate all movie clips in all repositories, like Media Browser and Project panels, in order to create kind of an animated lightbox.


These clips should be run without audio, in low resolution and, optionally, at a lower framerate, depending on the machine’s capabilities and user’s preferences.



Clicking (and thereby activating) one of those movie clips should …

  • magnify that clip,
  • enable audio for that clip,
  • display a timeline,
  • and display an in-point and an out-point marker.


Using these markers, the user shall be able limit the preview loop of the clip in that particular repository (e.g. to repetitively monitor only a small scene of the movie clip).


Here’s a link to a small movie clip demonstrating the improvement suggestion as a virtual live demonstration:




(While recording I was suffering from a tonsillitis, so the text might be hard to understand from time to time.)

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