Import of h.264 video results in green, distorted and doubled image.



Lately I’ve been tranfering a lot of old vidoes from analog tape to digital video. All videofiles have been created as H.264 640×480 mp4 with Elgato Video Capture. And all video-files display fine in, VLC, Media Player Classic, Quicktime and even iMovie. Some of these import fine into Premiere CS5.5 without problem, but some end up looking green, distorted and doubled, like this:



I’ve tried to Interpret Footage on the broken clips, setting the framerate to a constant like 25fps. But this seems to have no effect.


When I try to import the same file into After Effects CS5.5, I get this error: after effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators 17::18


Do anyone here have any ideas what’s going on. I’ve crosschecked two videofiles against eachother to find some differences, but there is none, as far as I can see.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Below is a description of the videofile:

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