Image Sequence Frame Rate in Premiere Pro CS6

As a workaround to rendering to video a 3D animation I created in Photoshop CS6 (delete rant here, but if you want to know why I am doing this I will be happy to tell you!) I have rendered the animation as a Photoshop Image Sequence at the document frame rate of 24 fps. When I import the image sequence into Premiere Pro CS6, it comes in a a video clip with a frame rate of 29.97, even tho both the document and sequence settings are 23.97 fps. That makes my clip about 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds as I created it. In Preferences, i have Still Image Default Duration set to 1 frame, if that makes any difference–the frames come in as a video clip, not as individual frames.


I’d like to change the frame rate to be the same as the rate at which I created it. (just seems like the thing to do?)


So, two questions:

1. I cannot see how to change that frame rate, but even if I could, is that advisable? Is there some reason it should stay at the rate Premiere gave it?

2. If i accept the frame rate of 29.97, and then change the duration to 6:00, will that cause any problems?


I am on an iMac, OSX.7.4, with latest versions of all software. Experience level in Pr Pro = Newbie, otherwise very experienced in Adobe Creative Suite for Design.



–Carol Gunn

Gunn Graphics

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