I need help with MP4’s and Quicktime.

I’m having trouble with an MP4 I’ve exported from Premiere Pro CS5 on my PC that’s Windows 7. 


I am trying to open it on a Mac using the Quicktime Player and it gives me this error, “The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -12848.)”  I also had my boss try and open it on his Mac and he got an error that was something like, “Cannot open, this file may be corrupt or damaged” errors.


It is very strange as I exported another video from Premiere in the same way, and this video hasn’t given me any errors like this.  I do not know what I am doing differently.


Here is a detailed set of steps I am following for this video.


My sequence setting is not a preset, I chose desktop mode and picked 30fps, 640×480 px, Square Pixel Aspect Ratio, Progressive(No Scan), and that was all I changed for the sequence.  I’m not sure if that matters, but maybe I screwed up a setting I was supposed to click?


I then edited my video and exported it in the following way.


-Format: H.264

-Multiplexer: MP4: Standard

-Video: (I matched the sequence settings, I only changed the fps, width and height, and aspect ratio, and the fields to progressive)

-Audio: made sure it was AAC, and switched it to mono


And that is it.  I checked the video and audio export and the maximum quality and use previews buttons and hit export.  I do not know what went wrong, but there must be something written in the file that is stopping Quicktime player from opening it.  Windows media opens it, VLC opens it (of course), RealPlayer opens it, and even the Quicktime player on my PC, which is up to date, opens it.


I do not know what is wrong.  Any help is appreciated.



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