How to optimize my disk setup?

On my editing system I have 5 disks: 2 x 1 TB 7200rpm, 1 x 500GB 7200rpm, 2 x 256 GB SSD. How should I spread my data on to them optimizing performance? The way I currently use them is: 1 x 256 GB SSD for Windows 7 64bit, programs and system files, 2 x 1 TB 7200rpm as RAID0 for media files, 1 x 256 GB SSD for the “ongoing editing project” and all its files and 1 x 500GB 7200rpm for file storage.


I am using Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5 on an Intel quad-core system with 8GB of RAM.


I have checked the forums but was unable to find anything for my exact setup; most of the guidelines go through the systems with only 1 SSD drive.

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