How to export to a Betacam SP deck?

I would be grateful if anyone who has the following setup or can assist me with my below issue:


I am using a Mac Pro system which is connected to Betacam SP Sony UVW-1800P through Blackmagic Multibridge.


I have set everything as per Multibridge setup guide in Premiere Pro CS6 and I can capture from tape withouth any problems, however if I want to export to tape, it just doesnt seem to work. I have tried all possible setting both in Premiere and the deck but without luck. I am able to manualy record to tape by manualy playing the timeline and pressing the record button on the deck and it records but why can’t I Export to tape? Each time I try to export to tape, it fast forwards the tape to the end and it stops. Could this be TC issue? I have set the TC to External on the deck. I have used at least 5 different tapes. What could I be doing wrong here? Any help is highly appreciated, I have to hand many Beta SP tapes to a client and I am desperate to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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