How to edit a multiple audio video clip on Premiere

Hello everybody


Maybe this is a dumb question, I’m sorry if I’m asking what is obvious for you, but I swear I tried to find on the web and on this forum, but I couldn’t find anything.


Well, I made a video using a screen capture software called Dxtory, that provides me the ability to record my PC screen, with multiple audio tracks.


Ok, now I have a 15gb avi file. When I open this file in the Media Player Classic, I can play one or both channels. The first channel is the original audio captured from my PC. Every audio generated by my PC is in this track. The second track is my voice, with my commentaries. I have all of this in one single file. They are not splited. It’s just one file.


Then when I import into Premiere, the software just recognize the video track and the first audio track. I can’t find the second, with my voice.


I know I can split the clip into 3 files (1 video and 2 audios) but it would take longer. I just want to drop the file on Premiere and edit the audio volumes quickly, because when I talk I would like to low the volume of the PC audio.


Now, the question: Is there a way to Premiere recognize both tracks in this single file? How?




Thanks in advance for any help.

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