How to download, convert and export without losing too much file quality?

So I bought Premiere Pro CS6 right when it came out to put togehter my YouTube videos. All my videos so far (about 25; 2 per week) have just been audio and images. I make music mixes so I just add the audio to a picture. I’ve also made a few other videos, but only personal ones where quality wasn’t important. What I want to do now is create a high quality end-of-year video with some nice time lapse footage. I’ve got permission from the YouTube uploaders to use their footage and have downloaded using “Any Video Converter”. All the videos have downloaded as flv and I’ve converted them to:



x264 Codec

8000 Bit rate


These videos have lost quality on the originals, but they’re still about 90% original quality. I really need to be able to import these into Premiere Pro! I’ve tried other codecs liked mpeg4 and xvid, but the quality wasn’t as good. The video loses quality once downloaded, then once converted and then once exported.


Also why can’t I import flv files directly into Premiere Pro? I could import them into a free video editor I had years ago and isn’t flv an Adobe codec (flash player etc?).


Basically I’m asking either a) How can I import x264 or even better flv into Premiere Pro (for free, I can’t afford $300 on xvid pro plugin) OR b) How would I download videos from YouTube, convert and then export whilst reatining at least 80%+ the original quality? Any help is appreciated

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