how to delete overwrite clip and bring back original material

First project on any Premiere. Using Windows Premiere Pro CS6.


I have a long (three minute) clip on Video 1 timeline I’ll call “Original” with Audio on Audio 1. I’m Overwriting short video clips and placing these short clips onto Video 1.


(I have to place them on Video 1 if I want to use video transitions, right? I’d rather place the short clips onto Video 2 so the Original video would stay underneath)


Anyhow, I’ve got one of these short clips I want to delete from the Video 1 timeline and end up with the Original clip playing video and audio with no gaps in video or audio and no holes (causing a jump) in the Original clip.


When I choose the Ripple Delete, the short overwrite video clip deletes, and the gap goes away. But I’m left with a jump cut and a “seam” at the cut point!


What can I do to delete the short clip, and bring back the Original overwritten video so that it plays seamlessly with no gap and no jump just as it did before the overwrite?


This is easy and it’s just late, right?

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