How do you delete TRACK keyframes in bulk?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I cannot lasso or highlight all keyframes of a track in a timeline.

Unlike clip keyframes, in which you can select and delete them all via the effect control window, in order to delete track keyframes in CS6, it appears one must manually select every single keyframe individually.  AAAARGH! Even though you can “lasso” or drag a “selection” around things on the track timeline, it will NOT select groups of track keyframes you lasso.


I’ve checked the CS6 documentation, and still see no way to do this…even though it mentions being able to click outside the clip and drag a selection.


Try it.


1. create timeline

2. set audio mixer channel 1 to “write”

3. hit play and go crazy with your channel 1 mixer slider

4. hit stop

5. change option on Audio 1 on timeline so that you can “show track keyframes”

6. see all those pretty keyframes?…now try to delete them all at once without deleting your audio/video clip…


Any questions?

There is no reason why, in a professional application such as this, you shouldn’t be able to select multiple keyframes and delete them. Feature request? Or am I missing something.


NOTE: I’m talking about TRACK automation keyframes not CLIP keyframes.

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