How do I achieve this effect?

I am a total beginner, using Adobe Premier Elements. I am hoping to make a travel video of sorts. I would like a map of the world in the background. I have video clips of various people talking about different locations. I would like to have a clip play and take up most of the screen, then when the person is done talking, that video clip shrinks down until it turns into a dot of light that acts as a pinpoint on the map at location the person was talking about. The dot will then stay on the map and the next clip will play, repeated over and over again. After dozens of those clips, I will then have a map with a bunch of lit up dots on different countries, etc., which then grow larger and eventually turn the screen totally white.

I don’t know if I’m describing that adequately, or if it is even possible to do with my limited skills. I am having trouble finding an example online of what I’m envisioning. Is something like this do-able with Premier Elements? If not, what program would I need to be able to create that effect? If I can create it, what search terms might I use to find tutorials for what I’m trying to accomplish?

Like I said, I currently know almost nothing about video editing.

Thank you in advance for any advice you might be able to give!

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