Help with drive set up and HDMI capture card

I’ve been building a PC over the last few months that I want to use for editing HD video, mainly for YouTube. This is for my work to create information and instructional short films. I’ve also been setting up a permanent studio with the correct lighting/screens etc as I will be making videos most days. Here is the current PC spec:


X79 Sabertooth

i7 3820 overclocked to 5.0ghz

670 GTX x2 in SLi

32gb 2133 Ram

120gb Crucial M4

500gb WD black x2

1tb WD black x1


3 x LG IPS monitors


Here’s a quick pic of where I am at the moment:

For the camera I will be using a Canon 600d with an external mic and was thinking of recording directly on the PC by using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro HDMI capture card.


The questions I could really do with some help on are:


1. Is it a good idea to record directly onto the PC using the capture card?

2. Is the Blackmagic a good choice?

3. What hard drive set up would you recommend?


I don’t need much in the way of back up as once this PC is (eventually) finished I’m going to build a home server.


Any help really appreciated.

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