HDV –> SD DVD Workflow (DebugMode FrameServer, AviSynth)

the old thread contains a wealth of great information, I’ve decided to break away from it. It’s too old, too long, too confusing… In summary:

Many users are aware that Premiere/AME/Encore does a “less than stellar” job of converting 1080i HDV to interlaced SD DVD. I (and others) have tried every conceivable combination of options and found none that provided “professional quality” conversions. This is largely due to the way that Premiere handles scaling of interlaced material …
Example #1
Example #2 … and Premiere’s failure to convert from the HDV color matrix (Rec.709) to the SD specification (Rec.601).

In an effort to solve these problems, I developed a workflow (using several third-party freeware tools) that achieves results far superior to that of Premiere and/or Encore by themselves.

I have written
a guide for this workflow, including step-by-step instructions and links to download all the required tools.

This page also contains a link to a more advanced option for doing these conversions (using mostly the same tools). Please do not attempt the advanced version unless you have already implemented my “basic” workflow!

The page and linked files will be updated frequently. It is a work in progress, but should already provide excellent quality. I look forward to comments and suggestions from this community (as always).

Enjoy! — Dan

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