HD Video Stuttering and Audio Un-syncing

I’ve been editing in HD for about 6 months, but then the system started to unravel. Now, after I play my video, either a source or program file, the video will start to stutter after a while, and the sound un-syncs, or vice-versa. I’m not sure which happens first.

It really started to fall apart after I tried to use my editing machine to format an external back-up drive, which turned out to be defective. It ended up freezing my system, and I had to hit the reset on my PC. Things seemed out of whack after that.

I had also tried to clean out my C drive of unnecessary files to create more space. I hope I didn’t actually delete something I needed.

Here’s what I’ve already done to try to fix this:

Uninstalled old and updated graphic card driver

Uninstalled and reinstalled audio driver (No update available.)

Uninstalled old and updated Quicktime.

Under Desktop Display options, changed from GDI to Open GL.

Uninstalled and re-installed CS3 and updated to 3.2.0

If you have any thoughts or ideas that would be great.



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