Harm’s Monster is FAST

Ok, I was just looking at the results on PPBM5.com and saw that about an hour ago, Harm Millard just broke the speed record for CS6 users by 22 seconds.  Holy cow!


His system came in at 123 seconds with the next fastest being 145. That is one heck of a fantastic jump.


I am certain he will be happy to enlighten us as to what caused that, but as far as I can tell, he has the same GTX680 that the other 3 people ahead of me have. I have the top ranked CS6 system with the GTX670. A choice I made and that I am OK with. Some of it has to be that RAID30. I didn’t realize that his drive would be faster than a SSD (which the other three ahead of me are using for projects).  Perhaps that RAID controller is responsible for some of the blinding speed?


So, Harm, please enlighten us. What the heck have you done? This is the equivalent of Fuel injected engines being left in the dirt by some Atomic powered supercharged monstor under your hood! Quite impressive.


I can look at the list of parts you put into the thing, but I can’t (and perhaps many others can’t) really determine which components did what?


Edit:  Whoops! I just realized my wife was signed in, not me.  Sorry about that – Steven


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