Harddisk choice between two Western Digital Blue versions

Currenlty I’m using a sinlge Western Digital Blue harddisk, but I would like to have a second harddisk.

I’m using the WD10EALX. I thought simply buying another one, but Western Digital released a new version of the WD Blue the WD10EZEX

I wouldn’t like to use a Black edition, because of the harddisk noise in my case.


HDTune graphs:

WD10EALX (own test)




WD10EZEX (test form Ncix.com)



The WD10EZEX is a single platter drive. As seen in the graph, it has higher access times, but is has high sequential speeds.

The older model WD10EALX is a multi platter drive, lower access times, but lower sequential speeds.


As far as I know:

Access times should be more imortant as a primary disk (so, less important for non-OS disk)

Sequential speeds should be more important for writing large files (so, in this situation storing/writing large video files)


Maybe the “real life” difference isn’t that much noticeble.

I tend to choose for the newer WD10EZEX, it’s more silent and has higher sequential speeds despite of higher access times.


Now I’m not sure which one of the WD Blue version is recommended for video editing, following the guidelines disk setup from http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972.

So first HDD for OS/programs/page file/mediacache, second HDD for .


My thoughts of the configuration:

– First HDD – OS/programs/page file/mediacache: WD10EALX (which I currently use for everything)

– Second HDD – media/projects/preview/exports: WD10EZEX


Maybe my thoughts are correct and the answer is simple: WD10EZEX is the way to go to choose between these two models?

Could someone advice me which one of the models is recommended to choose?

via Adobe Community : Popular Discussions – Adobe Premiere Forums http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1075903