GoPro Premiere Pro CS4 export

Sorry if this is an obvious question but i’ve struggled to find an answer anywhere.

I have some footage I shot on the GoPro Hero 3+Black. Its 1920×1080 and is 48fps shot in PAL

I did the conversion process in GoPro Studio and converted it from the original file to an avi as per the settings in GoPro Studio.

I setup my Premiere Pro CS4 project as AVCHD 1080p square pixel, 23.976fps (display format 24fps)

When I come to exporting the edit I cannot work out what to use in order to preserve the quality for use both on the TV and on vimeo. The video tends to end up with a kind of doubling up on the image in the motionblur. When editing i turn frame blend off and within Premiere Pro it all looks ok.

Thanks for help !


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