Generating Peak File won’t quit generating it

Captured roughly 2 hours of video using my Sony PD170 (don’t laugh, I know it’s antiquated, getting new one) with Windows Live Photo Gallery, (since PP CS4 quit importing video) and then imported that captured video into PP. I used 3 tapes to capture so there are 3 separate video clips:

tape 1 – 7.78GB appx 38 min. 

tape2 – 7.80GB appx 38 min.

tape3 – 7.68GB appx 38 min. (this is the one giving me fits)


I have a 3 month new- Windows 7 based Dell Precision T3500 with a :C drive that has 151 GB Free and a D drive with 1.65 TB free. (RAM shouldn’t be an issue ((i don’t think)) as Bill Hunt suggested on a similar issue on another post)


I captured all the video fine, then when I imported the 3 clips into PP, it (PP) did it’s generating peak file thing. But when it got to the last file, the bar on the bottom fills up to the end but just sits there. (I left it like that for a few hours and still nothing)Peak File Pic.jpg


Suggestions from Bill Hunt on just 1 other posting I found on forums suggest it may have to do with an EXTERNAL hard drive this other person had using via USB, my fine folks in IT installed me an internal HDD of the 2TB variety (Thanks IT, LOVE IT).

PP freezes and I can’t do anything, it locks up and says “Not Responding”. I attempted to open that 1 file with StreamClip to see if I could fix anything that may be wrong with it but Stream Clip says it didn’t recognize it.



Any suggestions? To me it sounds like a corrupt file, because the other two work just great, same format, shot on same camera back to back to back and imported the exact same way.



Thanks in advance.

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