Frame Hold

I have to admit that I have been an Avid user for many years and I am really trying to like Premiere, but I find the simple task of a freeze frame to be an extremely confusing experience!


I have a shot that I want to put a 5 sec freeze on the last frame.  Having read all over how to do this, I eventually duplicated the shot in the timeline and put a Frame Hold on the out point.  I then moved the length of the clip from the start of the clip to the duration of the freeze that I wanted (5 seconds).  I then moved the frame hold clip back to the last frame of the shot that I am tryin to freeze.


All looked great and if I dragged the playbar anywhere within the 5 second clip, it shows that it is frozen.  When I play the clip, however, it does not show the clip frozen, it plays the full motion of the 5 second piece.


I can’t render the clip…  If I hit return to render and play, there is no rendering that takes place – the sequence plays immediately.  I tried also, under Sequence, to render the work area and nothing happens.


If I export the sequence, the 5 seconds is frozen.  How do I view the freeze from playing the timeline in PP 5.5?


Thanks for the help.

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