FCPX newest 10.0.6 update = NICE! … Do I stay or do I go?!

For all of my ranting and raving about certain issues with Premiere CS6, I have found it to be REALLY great in many ways. With a very helpful forum here its been a fairly easy transition coming from Final Cut Pro 7 last month. Since I edit full time 6 days a week finding just the right NLE for me was REALLY important. I did the 30 day trial of both FCPX and CS6. It took me WAY longer to figure out FCPX, but I gave each a full 30 days and they BOTH had their strengths/weaknesses. But ultimately there were just more features missing from FCPX that drove me nuts and since CS6 was an “easier” transition, I chose CS6. And now this… FCP just released a massive new feature rich update 10.0.6 that fills in several of the HUGE features that were missing that originally drove me away. So what the hell do I do now? Here are my reasons for staying and going as of right now:


Why stay with Premiere CS6:

  • It’s easy. Not much different than what I was used to with FCP7.
  • It ties in nicely with Encore which I use often.
  • Adjustment layers and Warp Stabilizer (my favorite 2 features of Premiere CS6)
  • I’ve already hired 2 editors to work with me and made them both learn Premiere CS6 over the last month for my projects. This is huge for me because FCPX would be much more difficult to teach them or have them learn since they too came from FCP7.
  • This forum. I’m still finding new features every week that make my workflow easier and faster.
  • FCPX is much more confusing of a transition. After watching hours of tutorials on it sitting down to work I felt like I needed a Warp Stabilizer of my mind. Its an entirely different way of working and thinking about how you edit (granted, many of the things I didn’t like are now fixed or added in this latest update)


Why go to FCPX:

  • I’m a Mac user and whether its true or not I’ve always felt that Premiere is optimized for PC users (more cards supported for GPU acceleration, etc. which makes it all run better) Don’t get me wrong CS6 works on a Mac, but FCPX is definitely Mac optimized. This and the frequency and size of updates are the two biggest things for me in my leaning toward using FCPX.
  • While it’s a more difficult transition, like I said above, many things I felt were missing have been added back in the latest update.
  • In many ways, I found FCPX to be so simple, almost too simple. Once I got over that simple doesn’t mean that its not good, I found it to actually be a better way of doing things…for MOST (not all) .
  • Updates, updates, updates. They come fast and often and I love that. They are usually feature rich and the newest 10.0.6 is no exception. FCPX in just over 1 year has gone from “what were they thinking” to “wow” through all these added updates. And its not just adding in things that should have been there from the start, its adding them in a way that is even better and more streamlined than any other NLE.
  • Errors/Bugs in CS6. Premiere CS6 is a fantastic step for Adobe but I’ve had more “errors” and “bugs” than I ever thought was possible in just a few projects. Maybe its my computer (the most suped up 2011 iMac available), maybe its my files (AVCHD) but by the end of a recent project I had 7 versions of the same project because it crashed so much and I had to rename it upon re-opening it. Granted, there are many helpful people in this forum that provide great workarounds, but still the issues are there. I’m sure Adobe is working on them and a new program will always have bugs but its been a up and down ride so far. Almost went out and bought a PC the other day just to see if it would be better.
  • I already have (and totally understand) Compressor and other programs that integrate with FCP. Granted there’s a lot to like about AME, I’m just saying.
  • Multicam is great in both but hands down better (in my opinion of course) on FCPX (especially with this update and the audio channel enhancements). Since I work with multicam edits a TON, this is important to me.


Damn. I thought I had made up my mind and now I don’t know what to do. I’d say I’m 55-45 leaning towards staying but that’s cuz I’d have to re-learn much of what took me so long to figure out the first time around. And I dread having to tell my editors okay, now learn this. Maybe I’ll do another 30 day trial and see (can you do that?) if its worth switching. Maybe its not. I’m probably forgetting 5 things that drove me nuts about FCPX that made me say “that’s it, I’m using Premiere!” I know asking this question “Do I stay or go?” in an Adobe forum is kind silly…but I figured why not. One things for sure…when it comes to making this switch, I know it will eventually become a permanent switch and for that reason, I’m totally indecisive.

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