Exporting Clip In/Out (CS6)



Wondering if anyone else is having similiar issue as I am. It’s not the end of the world but I do think it’s some type of bug issue with CS6 (or maybe I’m doing something wrong).


Without boring you with too many details, part of my workflow includes using Premiere to not only create discs and final products for clients, but also supplying them with a data file copy of their content. When I start a project I set in and out points for my clips and then export the raw clips as compressed files (usually .mov or .mp4). When exporting from CS6 it seems easy enough, I simply select the clip I want to export, choose my export settings and set the “source range” to “clip in/out”. Simply enough.


Only one problem, even though the clip in/out visibly changes in the clip window and everything looks like it should work, the exported files never have the in/out points. The resultant exported file is always simply the full clip, as if I never set the source range to clip in/out. Other than that the files look fine and everything else is great.


As a work around I’ve been simply putting the clips into their own sequences and obviously that solves the problem. I’m just curious if anyone knows the story on this issue. It’s not really a big deal, solving the issue would just save me a step and it seems like it’s broken at the moment so I thought I would mention it.


I don’t think my system and so forth plays a big role in this issue as it’s simply a basic function of Premiere but I’m on a MacPro OSX 10.6 with CS6 from Creative Cloud. I’ve experienced this issue with a variety of different source material and export settings and it’s the same problem across the board.



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