Error: ticktime.cpp-207

I’m getting an error in Premiere Pro CS5.5. While my project is loading and the status bar at the bottom shows that a file GOPR0139.MP4 is loading a popup window opens saying Premiere Pro has encountered and error. [..\..\src\TickTime.cpp-207].  This file is in one of my project bins, however I have not placed it in the timeline yet.  After I close the error window the program doesn’t crash and I’m able to work on my project.  Following this I’ll frequently see in the status bar at the bottom an indicator bar saying Conforming GOPR0139.MP4 and GO010136.MP4.  GO010136.MP4 IS in my timeline however as I said before GOPR0139.MP4 is NOT.


Anyone know why I am getting this error and how to fix it? I’m using Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Windows 7 machine.



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