easy ? on Tif overlay

Thanks for looking in..

I am coming from AVID and trying to learn this CS6.  I wanted to resize my .tif file on track 2 with a movie track on track 1  I cannot find the resizer for resizing or repsotioning my Tif on my track. I right clicked (I’m on Win7 Pro BTW) the tif track and have a bunch of options I clicked through what I thought woudl be the obvious. Yet, the darn grab bars never appeared. Is there yet another hidden area I must find to finish the steps?



Must everything be complicated in this software. I watched 5 Tutorials which are more like interface tutorials with half information. Where are the “Real Tutorials?”  Like ones that take you from start to finish creating  a project that teaches tips and tricks. Such as creating a swipe with a Tif or Creating a patb for a Tif or Jpg to move around on a time line. The ones I find are like import a vector file from Illustrator but it only shows one type of file to do that with and does not go over any other type of files to emulate or do the same thing with. Really a frustrating peice of software. </rant

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