DSLR conundrum: Canon 6D or Nikon D600 or ???

I want the best, least compressed, 1080p HD video available from a DSLR camera at the under $3000 price point (including one lens).


How do I get it? Is Canon the best way to get HD video, or the Nikon even better?


Or is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Mirrorless worth waiting for?


I am so confused. There are too many choices and I am tired of reading camera specs when what I really want to know is which one produces the highest quality HD video? I can’t seem to find that comparison. Are they all storing at about the same compressed rate, or is the advertising about 72Mb/s and/or I-Frame only what I should be looking at?


Is it important to have a high number of focus points like the Nikon? It sounds like it to my untrained brain.


Comparing the three leads me to the Nikon except for the videography notes on the Canon make it seem like I can store less compressed video. But even totally uncompressed video is useless if the focus isn’t perfect. Right?


http://www.dpreview.com/products/compare/side-by-side?products=canon_e os6d&products=nikon_d600&products=panasonic_dmcgh3


I want really, really nice video. Otherwise it isn’t worth buying any of these.  I can stick with HDV for a while longer if I must.


Perhaps if I spell out what I want to do with it you might be able to provide better answers. I want to shoot pictures in a hurry at Disney World, in Hawaii, in Mexico and all the other places we go on vacation. I want to take video in those same places. Generally with a tripod or a Monopod, but sometimes not. I want to focus automatically, and quickly. But I want to be able to easily set up a rack focus when I feel like it.  I want to eventually buy a lens that will allow me to shoot extreme closeups of snails, and bugs and icky crawly things in motion as well as at the full frame size of a still. And I eventually want the biggest baddest telephoto lens I can get past my wife. I am going to want to do some greenscreen work and product shots in a lightbox.


I want a flash if I am not giving up higher quality, I don’t think I need a built in GPS but it couldn’t hurt. Wireless? Really? OK, I guess that could be handy. HDMI output is nice. I might be inclined to shoot 720p now and then if it means twice the frames to use for slow motion in post. A headphone jack is not always necessary but it could be important now and then. I would give it up for higher quality video if I really had to. Good in low light would be nice too.


Mono or not, I would like a decent microphone built in. My old Canon ZR-10 has a much better internal mic than my much more expensive Sony HDR-FX1. Carrying external mics on vacation isn’t always something I want to do.


Am I missing a brand that makes more sense for me? 


I learned a lot from the last thread I opened about DSLR cameras in general and have researched the different lenses enough to know what kind of trouble I am walking into. But all is for nothing if I can’t shoot some truly stunning video given the right lighting and subject.

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