Does “Error 213:11” as non-admin go away once paid for?

After Roxio disappointed me for the last time, I tried trial versions of both Premiere Elements 11 and Premiere Pro 6.0.3. Both gave me similar problems when launched as a non-administrator on Windows 7 Pro. After initially launching either application with “Run as Administrator,” presumably to get any initial post-setup setup done (yes I meant to say that), the application would launch precisely once as a non-admin, present me with a pop-up window with the Error 213:11 code, then exit. Subsequent launches would present me with the pop-up without actually launching.


If this is related to whatever copy protection Adobe uses, does this issue go away once the products are paid for?


And just to pre-empt John T Smith, as I’m sure he would copy / paste the following:


-you must give Administrator rights to all users <- bad design

-you may NOT “map” your My Documents folder to a network drive <- lack of testing <- lack of performance profiling <- lack of testing

-a work around, of sorts <- bad design

-and not on a “domain” <- works for a Macintosh on a Windows domain, why not on a Windows PC?

…please John, I know you mean well but unless you work for Adobe, copy / pasting the usual unacceptable workarounds won’t answer my question. At least Roxio’s stuff didn’t have non-admin rights problems.

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