Hiya. I started to work on a documetary about a town in the midwest. First I have to read everything in the world about the history ( doing now ) and then find some way to have a “slant” on the story that gives it the “ending” I want. I am an optimistic soul, with nothing but goodwill for my neighbors I want the documentary to have an optimistic upbeat sort of feeling attached to it ( and the ending ).




Since it is beer thirty and time to hang in the lounge and munch yoodles and peanuts  ( burp, scuse me ) and drink coors lite…I am as optimistic as ever !


I wonder if Dave ever got moved out to CO Okay and is now chasing wolves in the wilderness ?


Anyway, have you ever noticed that some towns have personalities like people almost ? Like what some call ” reputations ” ?  What does YOUR town have for a personality ?


I think that some of the old wild west towns have tourist businesses now that cash in on the wild days… like, gunfight at the OK Corral re-enactments and stuff like that ?


I haven’t found anyone here in this town running around in gypsy costumes or clown suits and assume this is a pretty serious place. If I have my way I will turn it into a fun loving place despite the apparent lack of this in the adult population. The kids display this fun loving attitude in every way ( thank goodness ).


Anyway, ( burp, scuse me ) ITS BEER THIRTY !  AGAIN ! ( or did it just run from one thirty into the next thirty ? )…. If you have any ideas based on YOUR OWN FUN TOWN that I can look into to make this documentary more FUN… let me know…. I’m all ears !


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