Decapitation scene tips or advice? (Adobe After Effects)

Hey guys,

We are looking for advice on how to do a certain effect. To begin with, we have not filmed this yet, and so any tips for camera position/setup would be great!

The basic shot outline is that we have a man suspended from a tree with a rope around his ankle. The plan is that he has been decapitated, and so is hanging there without a head, possibly with blood trickling down from the open wound towards the floor. We have a very rough idea of how to possibly go about filming this, using a clean background plate and plenty of masks, however, our knowledge is quite basic, we know how to do a basic effect such as this, however making it look realistic is another thing entirely! Any and all ideas on how to approach this shot would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help you can give, even if it’s just a small tip or technique we can use!

Sam, Rob and James (The OnlyEffects Team)

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