Cuda Problems

Hi some help neded,


I have just up graded to CS6 Production Premium and I am having some problems.


My system


OS 600 gig WD Raptor 10 000rpm Win 7 64bit with all updates and all updates done on CS6

Asus P6x58D-E

24 gig Ram running at 1696

I7 980X running at 4.2

Intel Raid card 6 x 1 tb raid 0

GTX 480

Blackmagic Ultra Studio Pro


I have found the following problem:


If I enable cuda the footage looks like its has the wrong field order. Today I shot a wedding using a Sony EX1R and shot in HD 1920 x 1080 50iand I also used a Atomos  Samurai to record to as well and this footage does the same. I then turned off the cuda to software only and the footage looks fine. I have tried Adobe sequence and a black magic sequence with the same result. I have also uninstalled the BM drivers and used my second monitor as a preview monitor and it does the same. I have also found if I move the CTI left and right fast the machine locks up and comes back to life after about 30 seconds. I have a funny feeling that my GTX is faulty how can I test it. The reason I say this is if I play a squence back that has a demanding set of graphics (Show stoppers FX +-5 layers and some samurai footage and some Digital juice effects it starts off nice and after 10 sec starts to battle.


any help would be appreciated





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