CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5

I installed Premiere Pro CS6 for Mac and moved an existing project from CS5.5.  The clips are all After Effects compositions, some with elaborate effects. I imported them into AE6 from AE5.5 prior to bringing them into CS6 so they would interact between AE6 with PP6 via Dynamic Link.


CS6 is painfully slow on my machine. Even just dragging a clip from the Project window to the timeline results in a spinning beachball that stays on screen for over a minute before allowing me to position the clip. Playing the timeline also takes forever. Rendering the work area is slow too — and that’s when it works. Some clips render for a while and then crash out with an “unknown” compiling error.


I’m running a Mac Pro from 2011, 6 Core, 32 GB RAM, stock ATI Radeon card, Raid-0 across 3 2TB 7200 RPM drives and a solid state 200MB drive for software and some scratch files. Latest versions of both OSX and Premiere Pro.


The reason I upgraded to CS6 was to gain speed. So far CS5.5, set up in pretty much in identical fashion, was way faster and less problematic.


Can anyone offer advice?  I’ve scoured this forum and the web and have come up empty.





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