CS6, long exports even when pre-rendered

Admittedly I’m a bit new to Premiere.  And I’m hoping there is some novice aspects to how the sequence is setup and what settings are chosen on export.


The problem I’m having is that even after I’ve already rendered all the effects in my edit, can watch it at full quality in real time playback, when I export it takes as long as it did to render the sequences in the first place… if not longer.  For example a 8 minute video is looking at 1.4 to 2 hours for an export with “Match Sequence Settings” checked.  And yes I did try “use previews” as well.


My confusion is that, doing this same task in FCP takes seconds. I’ve worked in ProRes422 and exported ProRes422 in maybe 10 seconds for a 5 minute edit.


Here… I’m assuming that my sequnce settings aren’t quite right somewhere.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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