CS6: black or shows ‘media pending’

This is a project specific problem:


The video screen remains black or shows ‘media pending’. But no HD is at work to find the media.

The audio does play, however, the plot is not visible as can be seen in the provided screenshot.

The program freezes when closing this project.


Project info:

– I am working with VOB (DVD) files.

– The project contains cuts of over 124 hours of DVD video and additional 5.1 audio exports that are linked to the videos again.

– The project files are on an external USB 3 disk.

– ‘Save cache files next to originals’ is enabled to not eat up internal disk space. When switching to CS6 I deleted all cache files and let Premiere recreate them.



CS6, Windows 7 64bit, 16GB RAM.

Plenty of RAM free when the project is opened. Intel i7 CPU is around 12% continuesly.


I would really like to finish this project that I started in CS5…



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