CS6 and AME 100% CPU utilisation

So this is an odd question to ask maybe as we often asked for max CPU utilisation when encoding in the past to get stuff done quicker.


But – this is entirely new behaviour for me at least. I have a 6 core i7 X980 with HT and 24GB ram. In the past, I could queue up several sequences and let them encode to H.264 in the background while i carry on editing. Worked fine with no problems.


I recently upgraded my GPU to a 4GB GTX680 from a 1.2GB GTX570. There have also been 2 updates to PPro as well since I noticed this behaviour.


So the issue is that when encoding, all 12 threads are at 100% CPU utilisation and my mouse control suffers terribly – very very slow mouse as obviously there’s not enough CPU resources to drive the pointer properly. This never happened in the past as CPU utilisation was never maxed out like this.


Anyone seen anything similar?





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