CS6.0.2 Update No Fix For AVCHD Spanned Clips – Workarounds?

While I try to avoid Spanned Clips as much as possible due to a history with Premiere importing them, for event coverage we still get them and I just can’t figure out how to make them work in Premeire CS6 on OS X. I see lots of posts about this and would like to know if there is a fix that does not require purchasing another product (like MTS Merge $35).

We are using AVCHD footage from Pansonic cameras and if it spanned, the sound will be missing for much or all or the clip.

I have tried using the Media Browser to import the entire AVCHD folder.

I have tried using Panasonics AVCHD Viewer application to import the footage (switches wrapper to .mt2s instead of .mts).

I have tried transcoding to new codec (Quicktime and VLC will play the MTS file correctly but output loses audio sync).


Ugh, this is terrible. Has anyone else found a workaround?

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